Stunning Fireplace Installations Available across Eastleigh and Winchester, Hampshire

Choose from a range of styles, designs, and colours by opting for an L. R. Brooks Chimney Sweeps fireplace installation. Our experts are highly experienced in fireplace removal and installation, allowing us to safely and easily replace your fireplace with a beautiful new fitting. Using a variety of new materials and reconditioned options, we’re able to install a range of mantels, firebacks, and surrounds, with surrounds available in stone, brick, and cast iron.

Bespoke Designs

Each of our fireplaces are made-to-measure pieces and manufactured to your requirements. We will supply all materials, carry out the fabrication, and make sure it’s perfect for your home. Speak to our team today for a completely free quotation.

CONTACT US, in Eastleigh and Winchester, Hampshire, to learn more about our fireplace removals and installations.